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WARSAW IN A NUTSHELL is a 5-hour trip.

I will take you from the hotel and a driving my spacious Citroen Berlingo and little walking, we will see the majority of the most interesting places in Warsaw.

Let me tell you the story of the Palace of Culture and Science, perhaps the most specific building in Warsaw. Few Poles know what this Soviet architecture has to do with... United States.

Krakowskie Przedmieście street is the most beautiful and interesting  part of the so-called Royal Route. Here built their magnificent mansions aristocrats and even kings (Kazimierz Palace). Facades and interiors of palaces and numerous churches were designed by the greatest architects brought from Italy, Saxony and other countries.

At Krakowskie Przedmieście is the seat of the President of the Republic of Poland. There is also the main campus of the Warsaw University, the largest university in Poland. Following in the direction of the Old Town, we will pass by Bristol - the most luxurious hotel in Warsaw. Our journey will be accompanied by music and stories about Fryderyk Chopin, who lived in Warsaw in the first half of his life.
The culmination of Krakowskie Przedmieście is the Royal Castle with Castle Square. This is perhaps the most photogenic place in Warsaw. Encounter most tourists here are doing a selfie with a castle or Sigismuntus column. This is a good place to have some brake with coffee or juice. 

From here we move onward journey by car. We will go through the most beautiful squares of Warsaw. We will see one of the largest buildings of theater and opera in Europe. Nearby is the modern Metropolitan designed by Norman Foster, one of the most recognizable architects in the world.

Before the war, 30% of the Warsaw population were Jews. We cross so-called Northern Quarter within which the Nazis organized during the Second World War ghetto. We will see places related to the tragic fate of Jews.

The next stop will be an extraordinary university library (BUW) having one of the largest roof gardens in Europe. After entering the top of the stairs stretches before us panorama of Warsaw.

The final highlight of our trip will be one of Europe's most beautiful palace-garden complexes. We can say that this is the crowning of ambition, having excellent taste and education King Stanislaw August. It is also the culmination of our journey WARSAW IN A NUTSHELL.